The Best Router for Spectrum 2020

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Spectrum is one of the better internet service providers in the states with there excellent superfast connection speeds but let’s be honest the routers they rent out to you are simply terrible. If you are having speed issues and not receiving the advertised package speeds or connection issues then its very likely that the router you are using is the prime suspect.

If you want to want to get the best from your Spectrum internet package then you are going to need the best router for spectrum rather than settling for the one they send out to you, Making this simple change you will notice fewer issues, a much more stable connection and much improved internet speeds.

This is because the quality of the router’s that are on the market that you can buy yourself are much more higher quality than the router spectrum rents out, Yes you will need to buy a router upfront but you will also save money in the long term as you will own the device outright rather than spending another monthly charge.

You are also able to pick a router that may be more suited to you like for example one with more WiFi coverage to ensure all rooms of your property are fully covered.

I can reveal to you that the majority of the best routers on the market are compatible with spectrum meaning any issue you are having with the low quality provided router can be easily fixed with a simple upgrade of hardware.

However for most people the task of spending several hours researching into different compatible routers and then picking one out of all the vast options might seem a daunting one, To make it easier we have spent several hours of research and come up with a shortlist of the best spectrum routers. 

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