GTA RP: How to download and get started

GTA RP which stands for Grand Theft Auto Roleplay is currently skyrocketing GTA V’s playerbase and viewership on streaming sites like twitch & youtube with some of the most popular streamers and content creators playing it on a daily basis.

The Roleplay community have always been extremely strong so its no surprise when a stunning and detailed open world game like GTA V was opened up for mods it was only a matter of time before players left games like Arma 3 Altis Life & Skyrim behind heading for Los Santos for new opportunities making GTA RP the most popular online Roleplaying game ever.

If you are new to GTA RP or you are coming from another Roleplaying game/server then the fact that you need to download an external third party mod and get this setup and then connect to different servers which have different mods and scripts might sound like a daunting task,  but honestly its very simple to do and we will guide you through it step by step.

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    Make sure you have Grand Theft Auto V installed

    The main ingredient if you want to play GTA RP then you need to have installed a purchased copy of Rockstars Grand Theft Auto V.

    We recommend you check that your computer meets the recommended requirements on rockstars website or the steam store to make sure you have a stable and enjoyable GTA RP experience.

    Download and Install FiveM

    The next step is getting the client required to run GTA V download the required mods and scripts from GTA RP servers to our PC

    This is called FiveM but what is FiveM ? FiveM is the name of the modification and launcher for GTA 5 which allows to you play GTA RP on multiple servers.

    It is recommended by the FiveM team that you disable your antivirus before installing as some antivirus vendors like AVG and Avast are known to block some installation procedures.

    You can do so from just click download client and read the TOS and once you have done so click “sure i agree” and your browser should download a file called FiveM.exe

    FiveM Website showing the Download client button

    Once downloaded simply click on the file named FiveM.exe and it should start installing on your PC, If you want it installed into a certain folder then please move it to one you have created otherwise it will be installed to %localappdata%\FiveM

    Once installed you will be able to start FiveM from your windows start menu or alternatively you can pin this to your windows taskbar.

    How to Connect to a GTA RP Server

    Now before we can connect to a server we need to open the launcher simply go to the windows start menu and select FiveM or if you have pinned it to your windows taskbar simply click on it and it should load the launcher to the FiveM homepage which lists the latest social media news.

    Click the server tab at the top and this will open the server browser where you can either select a server or use the search bar to search for one you already know of.

    GTA RP

    If you are just looking for a popular server then you can click the players on the right hand side this will then sort the list on the most populated server at that time.

    On the left hand side you can select languages and also tags if you are looking for a server with a certain feature for example like jobs or cars etc.

    Once you have found a server you wish to connect to then simply click on a server, it will then bring a server window up which will have some small details to what mods that server is running and if they have a discord you can connect to.

    When you are ready simply click connect and then FiveM will start up GTA V and connect you to your selected GTA RP server.

    The Best GTA RP server

    There are many great servers that all have different features and there own unique take on what GTA RP is and what Roleplay, in general, should be about.

    Some servers are very hard to get into due to strict whitelisting, and some based on popularity are only considering new whitelisting applications if you pay or donate a certain amount.

    Unfortunately, if you have been watching Twitch streamers or more famous Youtuber’s then it is likely they are playing on a server you are going to need to pay to access no matter how good your Roleplay or charter backstory is.

    We suggest you find an non whitelisted server on the server list to get started with to learn the basics before finding a server that is more Roleplay focused. 

    The Basic Controls

    In addition to the main GTA V controls here are a few more controls you will find useful on the above recommend server, Please note this might differ from server to server so i suggest checking out each servers website, discord or wiki page if they have one.

    Key Function
    F1 GTARP Main player menu (Animations, and other useful features)
    F2 Open your phone
    F3 Player Inventory
    F5 Player List
    F7 Payments
    T Out of Character Chat (OOC)
    X Hands Up!
    U Ragdoll
    Y Cruise Control (when in a vehicle)
    L Locks your Vehicle
    Y Opens Vehicle Inventory
    K Seatbelt Toggle
    B Points your Finger
    H Headlights Toggle
    Key Function
    Q Siren Controller (OFF > IDLE > ACTIVE) (Police/NHS)
    1 / 2 / 3 Siren Tones (Police/NHS)
    Shift + B Panic Button (Police)
    Shift + F Restrain (Police)
    Shift + G Grab (Police)
    F6 Faction Interactions Menu
    M Police Computer (In Vehicle)

    The Rules

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