The Best Retro Keyboard

Remember those different colored keyboards from the good old days, or the grey or discolored white keys?

Retro gaming keyboards are again becoming really popular for people who want a bit of nostalgia with that old school look on their gaming desk or maybe you are creating a gaming machine to play some retro arcade classics.

The first thing you or others will notice about your PC is your keyboard! It is after all the biggest object on your desk so why not make it stand out and enjoy it with something you like rather than the general keyboard.

Best Retro Keyboards

I have dug deep to the depths of the internet and have found some really nice retro keyboards available and here are my recommendations, This will mainly come down to personal taste but I believe there is an option for everyone.

#1 Durgod Taurus K320 TKL

The Durgod is a mechanical retro keyboard with a number of different key color designs to choose from so there is something for everyone, My personal favorite is the grey/blue key combination but I do like the retro white design.

I really believe this is the keyboard to beat not only does it have some really good retro designs but it is also been constructed to the highest quality which puts it up there with some of the more familiar games in the gaming keyboard market.

The keyboard is a TKL board that stands for tenkeyless which means it is a full-size keyboard without the 10 keys on the Numpad which you will not miss let’s be honest most people have never used the Numpad!

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