Best Motherboard For i9 9900k in 2020

Intel released the I9 9900k last year as a highly anticipated successor to the I7 8700k with a processor to finally crush it’s then competitor the AMD Ryzen 2900X.

It was the processor every gamer wanted Intel to make, and this was Intel not only taking back the crown from AMD who laid down the challenge with there high core counts and impressive multi-thread performance, But This was also Intel completely smashing them out the park.

Today the I9 9900k processor currently remains the king of Intel gaming processors with an impressive eight cores, 16 threads, and impressive stock clock speeds of 5ghz stable across all cores.

It is the perfect match for anyone wanting to build an extremely powerful new Intel-powered gaming rig in 2020, considering the processor is the most expensive money can buy at the moment then its only natural that you would want the very best motherboard for I9 9900k to ensure you do not have any bottleneck issues that will stop your gaming rig reaching its full potential.

The Best Motherboards for I9 9900k Compared

If you haven’t got time to read our views on each of our recommendations then we have created a quick and easy comparison table below on the Best motherboards for I9 9900k.

Award Image Model Link
Best Overall Motherboard GigabyteAorusMaster Gigabyte Aorus Master Check Price
Sample #2 Row 2, Content 1 Row 2, Content 2
Sample #3 Row 3, Content 1 Row 3, Content 2

1. Gigabyte Auros Master

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