XBOX vs. PLAYSTATION: which one should you choose?

Both PS4 and XBOX have created a huge market. PS4 has excellent raw processing horsepower, while Xbox One has great entertainment features. Here is the detailed comparison between the two machines.

Cross-platform play

PS4 players will be now able to play online with their Xbox One players. It has been announced that the Xbox One players will also have the chance to play with players on other online multiplayer networks.


In October 2015, the price of 500GB PS4 dropped to £ 299.99. It comes with a power cable, micro USB charging cable and mono microphone headset. A second controller will cost £40 to £50. The Xbox was expensive initially, but now its price starts from £320. You can get extra controllers for £32 to £40. You can get a Kinect bundle for £370 to £390 which gives you better voice controls, lets you launch apps and games and search contents. Both the consoles have an annual fee of £40 for online play.

Hardware specifications

The PS4 looks smaller and sleeker than Xbox One. It has an angular design which is somewhat gloss and partly matt black plastic. It has two USB ports, touch-sensitive power and disc eject buttons, HDMI and Ethernet ports, optical digital audio output, etc. The Xbox One is large. There are two USB ports, optical output, Ethernet, HDMI sockets, TV output, etc. There is a port for Kinect.

Interface and features

The interface of PS4 is better than that of Xbox One. The interface of Xbox One is similar to that of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It ‘s hard to do simple operations like looking at your achievements or checking out what your friends are doing, etc. It works best with Kinect and voice commands. PS4 has a great remote play and game sharing feature. With Xbox, you get two split-screen views that can run two apps or one game and one app at a time.


The Xbox One’s second-generation Kinect camera is good having more accurate motion tracking. The PS4’s camera is less high-tech and is cheaper.

Backwards compatibility

Xbox one has enabled backward compatibility for more than 100 Xbox 360 games. PS4 also has backward compatibility with PS2 games.

The hardware of PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One. Sony focused on software and interface on games. But Xbox concentrated on movies and TVs with less focus on games. Both the consoles have some great games that players can enjoy. Both the machines have good potentials.


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