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Team Bondi is an independent game development company based in Sydney, Australia. Headed up by Brendan McNamara and featuring a team of seasoned games professionals, Team Bondi will produce next-generation console titles.

We are offering a quality salary and lifestyle package to the right individuals.

We are looking for a talented Menu Programmer to join our Gameplay team, to create a menu system to used in our current and future next-generation console titles.

Involved in the design, implentation and support of a multi-game menu system that features

  • In-game and Out-game menu screens
  • Animation of menus screens (such as screen-to-screen transitions, screen build-in and build-out)
  • Multiple resolution support (SD, HD, PAL & NTSC)
  • Data driven content
  • Integration with game graphics and gameplay database
  • Controller input management
  • Video playback
  • Support for multiple languages and character sets
  • Tool support to produce artist driven layout

Required Experience

  • Strong C++ and OOP
  • Experience with data driven systems
  • Previous video game UI experience
  • Windows application development experience
  • An understanding of video game graphics engines would be beneficial
  • Experience with commerical applications (such as Macromedia Flash) would be beneficial
    An eye for detail

Required Qualifications

  • Proficient in C++
  • B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
If you want to be a part of this challenging undertaking, email us at

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