Applying for all Art and
Animation positions

Due to the volume of submissions we will endeavor to respond to each applicant.

Team Bondi will not entertain enquiring telephone calls from applicants prior, during or after his/her application submission. You will receive an acknowledgement email within 3 weeks of Team Bondi receiving your submission. We will contact you if there is an interest in proceeding with your application.

Team Bondi will not accept original portfolios and submissions through sources other than the applicant himself/herself.

A CV and a covering letter are required for all submissions. An accompanying demo reel and or portfolio must be included to demonstrate artistic ability. Inclusion of some conceptual sketching can be beneficial.

All demo reels must come with a shot list detailing your contribution.

Proficiency in Maya and Photoshop are a must for all of the positions.

Mo-cap and Motion Builder experience and or knowledge will be useful for 3D Animator applicants.


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