Is FIFA 2016 the best soccer game that has ever been released?

For the past years, FIFA has been a good game that people enjoyed playing. The latest version of the game FIFA 2016 comes with improved features. Many of the lackings of the previous game have been corrected. Here are the major characters of this new game.

  • The graphics and presentation have improved. But many people won’t like the changes. It is not a polished version of the last FIFA.
  • The game has tightened up the defensive play and added more chance of developing attacks in the midfield.
  • The AI is rebuilt to work better as a unit. It closes down on attacking players, restricts their angles of attacks, and provides more support to go in.
  • The game is fast and controllable. But there is more tendency to get attacked in the midfield and goal is split by last-minute interceptions.
  • There is a fast passing option, but it doesn’t guarantee that the player will be able to control the ball.
  • It has a women’s national team, and many people loved this feature. You can learn about various strategies and develop chemistry.
  • The commentary is awesome. Players are picked up and discussed well; mistakes are spotted quickly. It’s as if commentators Alan Smith and Martin Tyler are there watching you play.

FIFA 16 is not as aggressive as FIFA 15. So, those who liked the fast and furious play of FIFA 15 won’t like this tighter and more defensive game. The game doesn’t show much improvement or changes compared to its previous version. The atmosphere of the game is great which makes it a good game to play this year. It is available on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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