Putting On Your Game Face For Your Wedding

There comes a time for all gamers to creep blinking into the light and fresh air of the real world. Responsibilities catch up with all of us in the end, no matter how immersed you are in an alternate reality.

They always told you “You’ll never get a girlfriend if you spend all your time playing games!” or “No boy’s going to be interested in a girl who likes computers!” but guess what? Look who was right all along. And now you’re getting married.

Now, being someone who understands how to gamify any situation to make it fun and interesting, you’ll want to apply those standards to planning your wedding. Using apps that are often free, or at least cheap, it’s quite possible to arrange your entire wedding through your phone All those things that you don’t even want to think about, like gift registries, hotel booking, caterers… The list goes on, but being able to take care of it all remotely, in real time, at least gives you the chance to do things in a way that you’re comfortable with.

So, what are the best apps for creating a great wedding that are practical and entertaining to use? We asked some of the staff at Orla James, Britain’s leading online bespoke wedding ring retailer to give us a few of their favourite wedding planning apps currently available to download.


This app schedules everything. Put in your wedding date and it creates a to-do list for you including scheduling payments, booking venues, vendors, caterers and entertainers. You also get a countdown ticker, budget summary so you can see how much money you have left to spend (or, in reality, how over budget you’re going!) The app is shareable and can update social media too, letting everyone know how much you’re winning at wedding planning.


If you leave it until your wedding day to use this app, you’re missing out on a lot of its functionality, functionality that can really save you a lot of time and effort. As well as being a photo and video hosting facility, it rounds up a lot of other pre-wedding issues. Invite your friends and family and not only will they be able to upload all their photos and movies to your own wedding site, order high quality prints and downloads, you can also publish your wedding registry so people know what to buy you. It also has a handy widget which gives event and accommodation info, including addresses, schedules and directions.

Wedding Lookbook by The Knott

This app is like a wedding shopping channel that you can tweak to your own specs. is one of the leading wedding sites and this app helps you find your perfect wedding dress, wedding rings, shoes, and just about everything else. It lists the retailers that carry the designers you prefer, allows you to look for dresses based on size, price, style and shape too. It customises recommendations based on your own preferences and even lets you message retailers directly if you need to book an appointment to visit their premises.


This is essentially a really handy holiday booking app that takes all the hassle out of planning a trip abroad. It lets you organise everything in one place. You can keep your online travel documents, bookings, itineraries here. If you need to change anything it updates your calendar, making it simple to edit and update your travel plans. It’s selectively shareable and available anywhere so anyone you want to be informed of any changes can check updates and revisions.


I bet you can’t guess what an app called ‘wedding DJ’ does. OK, so you could just use Spotify, but this app is so much more than that. The app helps you plan the music for each stage of the wedding day, suggesting themes for each stage of the day and incorporating gaps for things like, the ceremony say. However, while it’s designed for pre-programming, it’s also adaptable. It allows you to skip multiple tracks at once, cross fades when you skip tracks, fades in and out when you pause or stop tracks and also prevents skipping and freezing.


This app allows you to design your own wedding website where you can upload your pictures, but it’s much more than that. It has a social media aspect where your guests can meet and interact, they can like and get involved in parts of the wedding that they’ve been invited to, and upload their own photos too. It also helps with planning travel and destinations, your gift registry and dress codes for each event, such as stag and hen do’s, the ceremony and breakfast.


This app is surprisingly useful, and simple too. You undoubtedly have everyone’s phone number and are friends on Facebook, but do you have an up-to-date address for them? This app lets you email or text everyone you want to invite asking them for their home address. Once they have submitted their data, you can them send cards or invitations from the same site. What could be easier?


Another really simple yet handy app, it lets you input the size and shape of each table that’s going to be used at your wedding breakfast. Putting the right people next to one another (or as far as possible away) can make or break a reception so an app that gives you colour coded, named planning that you can get feedback and comments on makes a tough job incredibly easy.

Zola Wedding Registry

Another online wedding gift registry app, but this one is different, and very handy. Swipe left on gift recommendations you aren’t interested, swipe right on the ones that you love. Yes, it’s wedding present Tinder! More than that, once you’ve made your gift choices and shared it with your friends and family, it allows you to add further presents, lets you know when gifts have been bought, and who bought them for you. You can control not only the delivery schedule but the addresses that gifts are sent to and deal with exchanges if necessary as well.

Hopefully, now you’re armed with all these apps, you should be able to make the entire process simple, automated, shareable and elegant.